Writing Prompt # 006

Family portrait

Family portrait (Photo credit: Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane)

# 006:

If you could pick anyone to be your mother and father, who would they be?  Why?

If you could pick anyone to be your son or daughter, who would they be? Why?


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt # 006

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  2. Santa Claus & Mary Poppins

    You knew they were an item, right?

    Its been going on for years, ever since Mrs. Claus ran away with Frosty the Snowman. As soon as the old lady was out, Mary flew in on her umbrella. It has been good for Santa, though, and I’m sure you’ve noticed. All of those safety precautions in toys that have popped up in the last 20 years– that’s Mary. Mrs. Claus didn’t really care much for safety; when I was little, you’d get a box of nails, a hammer, and a box cutter- there, go play, Merry Christmas! Today toys are all about safety and rounded edges. Things have changed a lot in Santa’s workshop since Mary Poppins parachuted in.

    So this happy couple would be my choice of mother and father. Why? Why not?

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